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Membership in the Young Artists Philharmonic provides the serious young music student with the opportunity to grow as both a person and a musician.  All three YAP ensembles maintain a high level of musicianship, and allow for a challenging repertoire.

Returning members of the top two orchestras (YAP & YPS) are required to audition every year, in a non-judgmental setting in order to evaluate their individual progress and offer advice for the upcoming year. We continue to offer auditions throughout the year by appointment only. Click “Schedule Your Audition” in order to submit your information. A YAP representative will contact you shortly with further information.

Schedule Your Audition

Schedule an Audition

Auditions for YAP still take place on a rolling basis. After you've read the below information carefully, click the button to schedule your audition. Any questions should be addressed to Greg Robbins at
Schedule Your Audition
Fill out the audition application, and a YAP representative will be in touch shortly to confirm the audition and provide a time. It is important to remember that our auditions should not be thought of as a daunting or stressful occasion. We like to think of it as a meet-and-greet more than an audition, and look forward to meeting all interested students in a friendly setting.

All instruments should be prepared to play a scale in as many octaves as they are comfortable, and a prepared solo piece for their instrument. There may be a brief sight reading exercise prepared as well. Any questions regarding the auditions should be directed to Greg Robbins at

All students in SYAP are required to study privately with no exceptions. This requirement ensures that students participating in YAP have a solid technical background, and affirms a commitment to achieving a high standard of musicianship. If you have trouble locating a private teacher we will be glad to assist you in locating one.
Practice is essential to putting on exciting performances. Every member is expected to set aside personal time on a weekly basis to practice his or her orchestral parts. Members are expected to have mastered their music at home, and worked through difficult passages with their private instrumental teachers.
Tuition for the 2016-2017 season is $900 with a $100 discount for each sibling. Tuition checks are due by the first rehearsal and should be made out to “SYAP.” Request for a scholarship will be considered on an individual basis. Questions should be directed to Greg Robbins at