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Thank you for considering a gift to the Young Artists Philharmonic. Please consult the following information related to how your donation benefits not only the students of YAP, but the Stamford Community at large.

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How your support helps

Tuition covers less than 40% of YAP’s budget. We depend on your donations to keep our tuition rates among the lowest in the region, and subsidize the costs of bringing in world class artists to make rehearsals a truly all around musical experience.
Tuition 40%
Donations 33%
Ticket Sales 27%

Five Compelling Benefits of Music Education

The study, learning and performance of music:

1. Enhances the development of academic achievement

2. Provides a vital means of self-expression

3. Fosters a sense of accomplishment and self-esteem

4. Teaches the importance of focus, discipline and teamwork

5. Builds character, social skills and creativity

Community Impact

In addition to providing valuable musical education, your money goes a long way by supporting a variety of community programs that YAP partners with.

Starfish Connection

YAP is delighted to partner with the Starfish Connection, a comprehensive program that identifies high potential children from high risk socio-economic groups in the 3rd grade, and provides mentoring, advocacy, educational support, enrichment, and extracurricular activities throughout their elementary, middle and high school years. Offering an Instrument Petting Zoo to students who are ready to select a musical instrument for study, YAP hopes to ignite a spark in each student for the particular instrument of their choosing, and asks advanced YAP students to demonstrate the instruments in a ‘hands-on’ demonstration.

Stamford Public Schools

YAP and the Stamford Public Schools enjoy a reciprocal relationship, wherein conductors and guest artists from YAP engage music teachers one on one in order to provide targeted support and collaborations in the classrooms. By reaching out to young students on their own turf, we are able to show them just how easy and fun it is to make music in the context of a youth orchestra. Issues such as audition anxiety and lack of self confidence can be better overcome in these settings, when children see that we are all about friendship and nurturing.

Childcare Learning Centers

Since 1902, Childcare Learning Centers (CLC) has been a leader in developing and implementing high-quality and affordable early childhood education and care programs such as Stamford School Readiness, Child Development, Early Head Start and Head Start. It is recognized as the third largest pre-kindergarten program in the state and the largest in Fairfield County. The organization operates at seven locations including CLC Palmer’s Hill, CLC William Pitt on Hillandale Avenue and CLC Maple Avenue. With accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, CLC provides over 1,000 children a year with a comprehensive curriculum, well-trained teachers, on-site healthcare providers and family service workers, and nutritious meals. The organization also has a unique collaboration with Yale University and the preschool RULER approach for building social and emotional skills in young children. For more information, visit CLC’s website at

Why Music Education Matters

  • Improves teamwork and collaborative skills
  • Helps with brain development and high level reasoning
  • Develops coordination and fine motor skills
  • Expands ability for aesthetic and creative thinking


We’re very lucky to have such a warm and welcoming place for my son to play violin, and get coachings from great artists.
Gene Evans, SYAP Parent
The conductors and coaches push us very hard, but it is worth it at the concerts!
Claire Peters, Student