The Young Artists Philharmonic sets high standards of excellence as prerequisites for membership. As such, students are expected to arrive at rehearsals prepared with their music practiced, and to follow the required rules of membership. Please review the following information for our policies.
All students in YAP are required to study privately with no exceptions. This requirement ensures that students participating in YAP have a solid technical background, and affirms a commitment to achieving a high standard of musicianship. If you have trouble locating a private teacher we will be glad to assist you in locating one.
The Code of Conduct can be viewed HERE
Attendance Agreements are handed out at the beginning of each concert cycle. Attendance is expected at all SYAP events except in the cases of sickness or emergency. In those cases please contact Greg Robbins at in order to be excused.
Families are required to purchase four tickets per student (6 tickets for those with more than one child in YAP) for each concert. Tickets are typically $25 dollars each.