The Young Artists Philharmonic has high expectations for the preparation and behavior of its members. As such, students are expected to arrive at rehearsals with their music learned, and to adhere to the rules of membership. Please review the policies listed below.
All students in YAP are required to study privately with no exceptions. This requirement ensures that students participating in YAP have a solid technical background, and affirms a commitment to achieving a high standard of musicianship. If you have trouble locating a private teacher we will be glad to assist you in locating one.
Practice is essential to putting on exciting performances. Every member is expected to set aside personal time on a weekly basis to practice his or her orchestral parts. Members are expected to have mastered their music at home, and worked through difficult passages with their private instrumental teachers.
All YAP students are expected to enroll in a music/ensemble class at their school, and remain in good standing. Exceptions to this policy only apply in the case that there is no such program available to enroll in. Any other exceptions are made rarely and on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Executive Director Greg Robbins at for more information.