Scholarship Information

It is the policy of the Young Artists Philharmonic to deny no child admission because of an inability to pay. To this end, money is available for scholarships. This assistance is available to all members regardless of age, ability or length of time in the YAP. The Scholarship Committee is comprised of the President of the Board, the Music Director and the Executive Director.
Scholarship applications are available at all auditions, and are due by the first rehearsal. Families may, however, also apply for assistance later in the year if unusual circumstances (such as the loss of a job or illness) occur. Applicants should provide only basic information such as address, place of business and family situation together with verification of income after taxes. If more details are required, the Scholarship Committee will ask for them.

Once all requests have been received, the Scholarship Committee will evaluate and determine awards. Notification is sent to parents as soon as possible after awards are determined. Lesson awards are sent directly to private teachers. The following guidelines are used in determining scholarships:

Families as a rule must have a base net income of $75,000 or less

Special consideration is given to

-divorced/single parents

-families with other children in college or special programs -families with more than one child in SYAP

-unemployed parents

-situations where the parent is supporting extended families -medical disabilities

-other similar hardships

The application is due at the time of the first rehearsal.

To download and print the Scholarship Application Form, CLICK HERE.