Code of Conduct

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​Students’ behavior is a reflection of the organization and its missions. Inappropriate behavior could jeopardize Stamford Young Artists Philharmonic’s continued tenure at Westhill High School and other performing arts spaces. Adherence to the following regulations is expected:

• No talking during rehearsal while the Conductor is in attendance.

• No cell phone calls/texting allowed during rehearsal.

• No food or drinks (besides water) are allowed during rehearsal unless approved by YAP

• During rehearsals, performances and periods of organized travel, misuse or abuse of any property and/or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

• Students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, professional manner at all times, with consideration for the rights and feelings of others as well as for their personal property. (i.e. expensive instruments).

Infractions of the above rules may result in a disciplinary review.